Packaging kraft papers


Paper that perfectly protects
and promotes products

100% ECF bleached kraft paper (elementary chlorine free). Production from 100% virgin fibers. Developed for various packaging applications that protect and promote goods consumers use every day. Good strength, high smoothness, excellent formation parameters enables perfect run through complex packaging material production process.

Paper made of bleached ECF (elementary chlorine free) kraft pulp. The properly selected fiber composition gives the paper very good strength. Intended for the production of various packaging applications that protect and promote goods that consumers use every day. Meets very demanding expectations of flour and sugar bag producers as well as requirements for automatic filling.

Kraft paper made with unbleached fibers. Use of 100% virgin materials ensures the high strength. Perfectly selected parameters such as good smoothness and formation enable perfect run through complex packaging production process. IPACK BROWN is a natural choice to substitute plastic commonly used in packaging.

Paper made with bleached kraft pulp. Use of 100% virgin fibers ensures high strength properties and allows to meet the most demanding hygiene standards. IPACK ULTRA has been designed to meet the requirements of manufacturers who coat paper with various silicone mixtures.
Integrated Mill in Kwidzyn is a producer of high quality kraft paper ideal for wide spectrum of applications intended to protect everyday use products, including but not limited to: food packaging, various types of bags and sacks and wrapping material.